Small Things Slay Giants

Benai Levi

 With a rock and a sling, David killed the mighty Goliath, a man renowned for his size and strength – a Giant. With a word, Our Almighty Father created the entire universe and all that is in it. With a Name, Apostles cast out demons. With a single human life, Our Messiah destroyed the grips of Death and sin. Something smaller than the size of a pea, a blood clot, can irreparably change your life (and possibly end it).
 What do all of these have in common: small things, in the grand scheme of the totality of existence, have the power to slay giants. Small things have the ability to create and destroy, to begin and end. We spend most of our lives looking for greatness and life-changing events, and yet it is small, minor moments that may effect the balance the whole picture. Take a moment to examine…

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